April 28 - May 01 2017
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Exhibitors won’t just find exceptional target groups and markets at Lake Constance, they will also fi nd a trade fair concept off ering enormous added value: image building or brand positioning, PR events and unusual media collaborations – more of all that is possible at TUNING WORLD BODENSEE than anywhere else. New formats and tools are being developed in line with the dynamism of the industry and the event itself. So if you want more, exhibit here!

TUNING WORLD BODENSEE off ers the industry big markets and an ideal setting:

  • Perfect international location
  • Focus on the active tuning scene
  • Lots of purchasing power
  • Low unemployment
  • Ideal setting for corporate side-events


Harald Schmidtke, CEO, Association of Automobile Tuners (VDAT):
"From the perspective of the exhibitors, the structural enhancements made to Tuning World Bodensee have really improved the exhibition. Since the weekend wasn't as long, the total number of visitors was slightly lower than in 2014, but it was still high enough to show that the exhibition-goers accepted the changes too. The VDAT will be glad to come again next year."

Manfred Hoffmann, CEO, Sonax GmbH:
"The exhibition went exceedingly well and we're very satisfied. With our show, "Sexy Car Wash", we attract more enthusiastic spectators every year. And their interest in buying is as strong as anticipated, so it too has increased each year. We have great expectations, but they're justified. Each year we bring a large crew to Friedrichshafen and so can offer quality consulting, which is an even higher priority for us than making sales at our booth. To us, Tuning World Bodensee is one of the most important end consumer-oriented exhibitions that we present at."

Jörg Schramm, CEO, Wetterauer Automotive GmbH:
"This was the best year yet!"

Sabine Stiller, Marketing, Yokohama Tires:
"Yokohama is very satisfied with the thirteenth Tuning World Bodensee. This exhibition always provides us with a good setting in which to present our products and activities. Right at the start of this year's exhibition, we were able to introduce our new Advan Neova AD08R tuning tire and present our current Facebook activities to the audience. The visitors want to be entertained. We're happy to use that. So for us, the exhibition is just as important as our soccer sponsorships for boosting awareness of our brand. We would like to thank the entire exhibition team for their great support."

Corinna Gräff, spokesperson for Gymkhana Drift Team:
"The preparations for the Gymkhana Drift Cup took six years. Here at the exhibition the implementation was just as we imagined it. One visitor said: 'I never want to leave!' We're very satisfied with the number of spectators. Although only the qualification runs took place in dry weather, and not the finals, many people were there. And we've never had such a nice drivers' camp. The visitors were really interested, especially when we opened the drivers' camp and they could look at the cars. Many drivers gave out autographs. We would love to put on the Gymkhana Drift Cup the same way again next year, and I'm sure that drivers from across Europe will participate."

Michael Dresel, Regional Manager, Premio Reifen + Autoservice:
"Despite the rather restrained kick-off on Thursday, we are very satisfied with the heavy audience traffic of the last few days. Friday, especially, was great. Tuning World Bodensee is our only exhibition in the south. Our company values it highly and it plays an important role in communicating our brand image."

Johannes Wacker, Product Manager, KW automotive GmbH:
"The standards of the exhibition-goers are very high, and the quality of Tuning World Bodensee's catchment area, the tri-border region of Germany, France and Switzerland, is clearly apparent. We're satisfied with the feedback of the visitors, who had informed themselves very well about our activities in advance and came to our exhibition stand with the intent to purchase. We feel right at home at Tuning World Bodensee."


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