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Exhibitors won’t just find exceptional target groups and markets at Lake Constance, they will also find a trade fair concept off ering enormous added value: image building or brand positioning, PR events and unusual media collaborations – more of all that is possible at TUNING WORLD BODENSEE than anywhere else. New formats and tools are being developed in line with the dynamism of the industry and the event itself. So if you want more, exhibit here!


TUNING WORLD BODENSEE offers the industry big markets and an ideal setting:

  • Perfect international location
  • Focus on the active tuning scene
  • Lots of purchasing power
  • Low unemployment
  • Ideal setting for corporate side-events


Harald Schmidtke, General Manager at Germany’s VDAT Car Tuner Association:
“The 14th edition of Tuning World shows the importance of this trade fair for the car-tuning scene. Visitor numbers have been very high, even though it’s at the same time as the GTI Meet at Wörthersee. Keep it up!”

Sabine Stiller, Marketing Manager at Yokohama Tires:
“Tuning World Bodensee is of great importance for our company, since we have many car-tuning partners whose vehicles we’re presenting here, such as Brabus, Lorinser, Ritter Cars and Piecha Perform Master. The interest shown by visitors on opening day was brilliant. The weekend also saw great crowds drawn by the many attractions offered by Tuning World Bodensee. Our brand is full of passion, and this trade fair is a great platform for us to present it and bring it to life. That’s why we’re always glad to come back; we look forward to Tuning World Bodensee every year, also because it’s great fun for our entire team to be here, and to present our brand to the fullest.”

Gerd Wellhausen, Product Manager at Pioneer Electronics Deutschland GmbH:
“Compliments to Tuning World Bodensee and its team. They clearly understand the industry well. Everything was perfect this year with great weather and big crowds, and it was insane how much effort the clubs put into their stands. This is where the scene simply buzzes with life.”

Sven Schulz, Organizer of the European Tuning Showdown (ETS):
“Just like the Miss Tuning competition, the ETS is an absolute magnet for the media. We were working non-stop to handle interview requests for TV, radio, social media and so on. This year’s international range and participant quality was even greater than last year. Even for us as event organizers, your jaw simply drops when you see this dense concentration of high-quality vehicles, crowded side by side into a hall. There’s nothing comparable in Europe, a fact confirmed by the huge response from media and visitors. Renowned car tuners stand right alongside families with children, all equally fascinated and overwhelmed. The visit by the Japanese designer Kato shows that the reputation of the ETS has now spread outside Europe too. In any case, I’m completely happy, and the ETS is an absolute success story. The whole year of hard work doing preparation and selection is rewarded by these four days of Tuning World Bodensee.”

Alexander Métayer, Club Scene Supervisor at Tuning World Bodensee:
“This is my ninth time doing this, and it’s clear that the tuning-club scene now knows how things go and what works best here. In the halls, you see cooperation and mutual tolerance between the clubs, which is a kind of hallmark for this year’s edition. There’s been unceasing demand for club stands, and we’re proud we can select only the crème de la crème. Throughout the years, these clubs have shown us their creativity and dedication in preparing their presentations. Naturally, things like that impress us tremendously, and are honored with fantastic prizes. We want all this to continue into the future.”

Ben Arnold, Chief Editor at AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS:
“Tuning World Bodensee has been of great importance to the car-enthusiast scene for many years, offering a lot to both hobbyists and high-end professional tuners. The editorial staff of AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS is delighted it could contribute to the trade fair’s success once again, this year with a stand focusing on the fascination of tuning a VW Golf.”

Florian Heumüller, Product Manager at ST suspensions:
“It was phenomenal to have our brand ambassador Ken Block here in Friedrichshafen, and we were virtually overrun by the crush of visitors. Ken Block himself was also very impressed – even he hadn’t expected such intense interest. No other car-tuning exhibition can compare. Even after our star guest had departed, we continued to conduct plenty of sales discussions with diverse visitors.”

Manfred Hoffmann, General Manager at Sonax GmbH:
“The trade fair went very well for us. With our own performances like pole dancing and a guest appearance by JP Kraemer, we’ve drawn more visitors than the other stands. Furthermore, we’ve got attractive products along with great staff to show these to the end consumers. The overall package fits together. For us, Tuning World Bodensee is one of the year’s highlights.”

Sidney Hoffmann, TV Host, Tuning Expert and General Manager at Sidney Industries:
“For me, Tuning World Bodensee is an absolute highlight. I’m particularly pleased that the visitors don’t just see me as a TV personality here, but also come in great numbers to explore the stand of my tuning brand Sidney Industries. During the autograph sessions, it’s incredible how patiently my fans can wait in line. Thank you!”

Udo Rauhe, General Manager at Raceland Rauhe GmbH:
“The trade fair was great, and it was especially laid-back in comparison to other ones. We had the right amount of visitors at our stand, and the atmosphere at the trade fair was pleasant. With us, no one article was particularly in vogue, in fact all of them sold just about equally well.”

Jörg Schramm, General Manager at Wetterauer Automotive GmbH:
“We’re pleased with the crowd and our placement in the hall. The Thursday went very well. We’ll come again next year.”

Michael Dresel, Regional Manager at Premio Reifen + Autoservice:
“The trade fair went well. The Thursday was a very good day for us. The stand had many visitors and the crowd showed great interest. We’re glad we decided to take part in Tuning World Bodensee.”

Markus Albert, Head of German Distribution Office at Koni:
“The trade fair’s organization was super. In terms of crowd numbers, Thursday and Saturday were very good for us. The visitor quality and the stand position were both good.”

Christian Klose, Sales Management at Vogtland Autosport GmbH:
“We’ve drawn a lot of attention with our presence at Tuning World Bodensee, and we’ve been receiving interesting inquiries from visitors. The first day at the trade fair was gigantic, and we hadn’t expected such a rush of visitors. We’re pleased with the trade fair here in Friedrichshafen.”

Corinna Gräff, Press Officer at Deutsche Drifter e.V.:
“It was pure madness. At the trade fair, we had great weather and an incredible number of spectators. There was positive feedback for the open drivers’ paddock, where visitors could chat with the drivers and we managed to get so many people curious about our sport. Our Drifting Cup ultimately offers many ways for getting into this motorsport.”

Albrecht Schröder, General Manager at COBRA Autozubehör-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH:
“For years, Tuning World Bodensee has kept its appeal at a high level, increasing it even more every year. This is our 13th time as an exhibitor in Friedrichshafen, and we’re already looking forward to next year. Once again a big thank-you to the organizing team, who work in the background to answer our every request as exhibitors, and who always put together a well-considered supporting program for the trade fair’s audience.”

Frank Günnemann, Marketing Key Account Manager at ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH:
“My impression is that this year’s Tuning World Bodensee has generally increased visitor numbers over last year’s. Our exhibition presence was very well visited on Thursday and Saturday, and we conducted very good discussions. Today’s increasing interest in ‘modern classics’ was also evident here at Tuning World Bodensee, where a complete range of vintages was on display.”


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