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27/03/2019 - POSAIDON Evolution One: the world’s first multi-piece full carbon rim

POSAIDON Evolution One: the world’s first multi-piece full carbon rim

With the POSAIDON Evolution One, the performance specialists at POSAIDON presents the world’s first multipiece full carbon rim!

Aiming to reduce the unsprung rotating masses, which exert a determining influence on the longitudinal and lateral dynamics of a vehicle, the POSAIDON developers are able to offer the Evolution One with a weight starting at sensational 4.9 kilograms. This extremely lightweight has no negative effect on stability however, since the bearing load of the Evolution One turns out to be a gigantic 1,500 kg.
The two-piece 20” POSAIDON Evolution One is expected to launch on the market as early as this spring with TÜV approval. The range of available widths runs from 9.0” to 12.5”. An 8.5" width variant will follow.

By linking them to a central locking system, both the rim offset as well as the bolt circle on the Evolution One are highly variable, so that almost any rim offset and bolt circle can be produced – fitted exactly to the parameters prescribed by the vehicle.

The POSAIDON Evolution One, which incidentally boasts a “made entirely in Germany” label, allows for no less individuality with regard to its appearance. Whether glossy or matte clear coat, dyeing glaze or full-color paint job, the surfaces can be enhanced to suit nearly any wish customers may express.

The POSAIDON Evolution One has an integral structure. The RFID sensor integrated into every rim transmits data using the NFC standard, so that the structural pressure and integrity can be read on a special smartphone app. This provides a graphic visualization showing whether the rim’s structure has changed – from an accident or deep pothole, for instance. This impact display enables the driver to check whether the rims are still roadworthy or need repair.

The patented manufacturing process of the Evolution One allows for the innovative, integral construction of this rim. The RTM method and device for this process are protected by patent (EP 2588297 B1, US 9393743 BB).

The price list for the POSAIDON Evolution One starts at a unit price of 2,499 euros, incl. VAT.

POSAIDON Evolution One

Size: 1.81 MB
Dimension: 3543 x 2686 px
30 x 22.74 cm
Resolution: 300 dpi



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