TUNING WORLD BODENSEE is like gasoline in your veins, like the gasoline in the air.

Anyone who truly loves their car is a tuner. That's the way it is. So TUNING WORLD BODENSEE is just for them: a true, pure tuning exhibition – the biggest in Europe. The range of products on offer is huge, and there's lots of money walking around. The hottest brands for tuners are here as well as awesome newcomers – and machines to worship. And all your tuner buddies will be there too.

Get into the thick of it! And be a part of the utterly unique tuning community here in Friedrichshafen. Even just the drive here is an experience. You'll see. You'll be sitting in a traffic jam full of crazy awesome cars and staring. Community belongs on the street! And that's what you'll find here. The program of events couldn't be hotter, with all sorts of highlights you're gonna love. Let's celebrate life, and lowered suspensions, and tight curves.