Why is TUNING WORLD BODENSEE considered the world's foremost tuning event? It's the mix that does it: an honest community, good vibes and thumping hearts, a fantastic selection, and a super-sexy program of events. From the start you'll be able to feel the excitement of being a part of it all. And once you've been here, you'll never miss the chance to come back. TUNING WORLD BODENSEE is a community and an unbreakable bond. If there's loyalty anywhere, then surely here. And we here at Messe Friedrichshafen, honestly, we love you.

Watching you tweak your machines, polish them, pimp them – it drives us a little crazy too. This is how togetherness works. This is how exhibitions become legendary. In fact, TUNING WORLD BODENSEE is so much more: It's also about seeing and being seen – for the cars as much as for the visitors. It's a show and a party, a shopping spree and a celebration of life. This is savoir-vivre in tuning terms. We're fully and totally on board. You all have long since infected us with your enthusiasm.