Tuning is all about style. So sometimes it's ok to overdo it a little.

At the STYLE MILE, you may need to pick your jaw up off the floor. Do the terms camber, stance and fitment mean anything to you? The whole hall has dolled itself up for the occasion. Car after super-stylish car, like a fashion show for the European tuning scene. And the grease monkeys will have made sure that every wheel, every tire and every chassis is adjusted to perfection. The lineup will also include widebodies and performance cars, hard-tuned imports and heavily modified classics. We're absolutely sure: You'll be floored. By the way, here's a friendly tip: Budget plenty of time for your visit.

The STYLE MILE is the ideal complement to the Club & Private Car Area, and it makes the perfect meeting point for crews and clubs – right in the middle of the hotrods, laid-back beats and great drinks.