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Mareike Fox and Dirk Klötzing, owners of Foxed Store: 


“We are quite satisfied with Tuning World Bodensee 2022. After the event went on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, we saw this year’s Tuning World Bodensee as something we simply had to attend: We want to give our support to the exhibition, and we are also able to reach our fans in Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland here. The audience was friendly and eager to make purchases, and we met our targets for the entire Tuning World Bodensee by Saturday. There’s a great atmosphere as well as friendly people here, and the event is very well planned. From our perspective, everything is top-notch. The autograph sessions were also quite popular. We will certainly be back next year, and we will then take the opportunity to expand our involvement even further.”


Johannes Wacker, Product Manager of KW automotive GmbH:


“We are satisfied with the high quality of the trade fair audience, who also sought out our booth in great numbers. As always, we were able to engage in sales activity at Germany’s best tuning exhibition. We will of course be glad to return in the future. A big thank-you also goes out to the highly motivated members of the organizational team behind Tuning World Bodensee, who always go the extra mile to make things happen.”


Olaf Schulz, Trade Fairs and Events at Wera Tools:


“We were just visitors at Tuning World Bodensee 2019. This year we presented ourselves as exhibitors for the first time, and it was a great experience. Many visitors are familiar with us as a brand and are keenly interested in our tools. The fair organizers deserve praise, and we also have good things to say about the family environment exemplified on-site. We’ll definitely be back next year with an even bigger presence; the high spirits among the many visitors makes it a sheer delight to be here.”


Harald Schmidtke, Managing Director of the Association of Automobile Tuners (VDAT):


“Tuning World 2022 was the first industry meet-up to take place without coronavirus restrictions in nearly two and a half years. Tuning is a hobby as well as a state of mind – and both work best when they are live and in person. The number of visitors confirms this assessment.”


Elvis Sklepic, Sales Management for Germany and Austria, BBS automotive:


“It feels great that trade fairs have finally returned, and we at BBS are delighted to be back on-site with our own booth in Friedrichshafen after a break lasting more than nine years. The visitors are demonstrating avid interest in our new flexible BBS wheel system. Our target group is placing orders directly at the booth. We are delighted to see our BBS wheels so strongly represented on so many show cars and club vehicles here at Lake Constance. The fact that Austria and Switzerland are just a stone’s throw away also makes Tuning World Bodensee the place to be.”


Alexander Kreis, Sales Manager of Clim Air:


“We attended Tuning World Bodensee for the first time as exhibitors, and I am thrilled with how things went. As I strolled through the halls, I was surprised to see so many of our products on display on the many different show vehicles in the club halls. I also like the exhibition audience itself. Many visitors were between 30 and 50 years of age and made a point of visiting our booth specifically. There were real crowds around us at times. Since we have DTC approval for our products in Switzerland, we also spent a lot of time speaking with visitors from Switzerland.”


Dominik Koller, owner and Managing Director of Bavarian Car Club GmbH:


“The four days we spent at Tuning World Bodensee went way beyond our expectations. The visitors were very interested in our products and eager to make purchases. We had already doubled our target expectations by the third day. We spoke to a wide variety of target groups who are enthusiastic about tuning in the area of show & shine. We’ll be back with a bigger booth next year.”


Sven Schulz, organizer of the European Tuning Showdown (ETS)/Style Mile:


“In 10 years, we have never had such a high-quality, diverse, and colorful array of participants as this year at the European Tuning Showdown. Compared to previous years, the competition has once again been taken to a new level. After the hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, it was a moment that truly gave me goosebumps when I once again stood in the ETS Arena and realized that the tuning scene missed us. The visitors couldn’t get enough of the exclusive show cars and the Style Mile. Even during the ongoing exhibition, so many visitors were asking whether we would be coming back next year. We were experiencing positive vibes among the visitors, the media representatives, and the exhibition participants alike. Some visitors had even decided to fly here on the spur of the moment because they had seen the event mentioned on social media and wanted to check out the quality for themselves on-site. For me, Tuning World Bodensee is the event that best represents the tuning lifestyle as well as its crews and vehicles.”


Danny Lampert, owner and Managing Director of AirWorkx Customs:


“At Tuning World Bodensee, we were able to make many new contacts, and we encountered a wide range of visitors who were interested in our products. We also attracted everyone’s attention with the highlight of our booth, a Volkswagen Beetle on a pedestal that was specially made for Tuning World Bodensee. After two years, it was nice to finally get together with the community again. As we are involved in the scene internationally, we used the fair event’s fixed date in the calendar as an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and embrace our passion for cars together. Next year we plan to expand our presence and work with a variety of different companies to offer an overall concept for a styled vehicle.”


Björn Beisheim, Product Manager of Vogtland Autosport GmbH: 


“We enjoyed the fact that Tuning World Bodensee is taking place again. Here in Friedrichshafen, there are many people at the exhibition who see a car as more than just a means of transportation. Our presence at the fair and the many conversations we have with the visitors also help us to get a feel for what vehicles people are willing to purchase a coilover suspension or a spring set for. It’s always a gratifying experience to have satisfied customers pay a visit to our booth.”


Moritz Enderle, owner and Managing Director of Pipifein:


“This was the longest trade show run we’ve ever had as a company. We experienced great demand for our products at the booth. Visitors were particularly interested in purchasing our T-shirts and sweaters. Sales were good on all four days. We are very satisfied with our booth at the fair. Next year we plan to return with the Pipifein crew and have our cars and products all over the hall.”


Alexander Métayer, responsible for the club scene at Tuning World Bodensee:


“The club members truly enjoyed seeing each other again. We are glad that things are finally getting back to normal, and that Tuning World Bodensee was able to bring everyone back together. After a two-year break in the schedule, it was of course not easy to keep all the clubs in the fold, so we are that much happier that we were able to present club halls that were full again this year.”


Fabian Okon, Team Lead for Marketing Performance Products, ThyssenKrupp Bilstein:


“We are not overwhelmingly satisfied; the tide of visitors was less than expected. I think it will take a little while longer for people, whether visitors or exhibitors, to learn that trade fairs are being held again. It’s nice that there are enthusiastic visitors here who are curious about our area. There is a high level of interest, and we were able to engage in good consultations with people.”

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