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Harald Schmidtke, Managing Director of the Association of Automobile Tuners (VDAT):

“This year’s Tuning World Bodensee has maintained its position as the spring event that opens the tuning season. The number of visitors clearly demonstrates that an emotionally engaging topic like tuning can’t be properly addressed just using social media, and that trade shows like Tuning World Bodensee continue to be vital.”

Johannes Wacker, Head of Active Sales & Marketing at KW automotive GmbH:

“We’ve been on board for Tuning World Bodensee since the very beginning. After all, this fair offers a great platform for presenting our brands to our target group on-site. In addition to our suspension brands ap Sportfahrwerke, KW suspensions, and ST suspensions, at Lake Constance we also exhibited the first prototypes of our new BBS alloy wheels on a VW ID. Buzz.”

Anton Rieger, Managing Director of Rieger Tuning GmbH:  

“We have been exhibiting at Tuning World Bodensee since 2004, and we were greatly surprised by the sheer number of visitors. Alongside all our vehicles on display, our Tesla Model Y is a particular hit, and we have come into contact with many customers. In just the first two days of the fair, we distributed half of our current Rieger Tuning catalogs and calendars to members of the interested public. Another thing that’s great here at Lake Constance is the degree to which the project management supports us with little things such as free use of infrastructure like forklifts and trade fair parking spaces. This is a matter of course in Friedrichshafen, while exhibitors have to pay extra for this at other events.”

Björn Beisheim, Autosport Department Manager, Vogtland Autosport GmbH:

“This year, we brought the topic of electric car tuning a bit more towards the forefront of our trade show presence by putting a Tesla Model 3 on display alongside a Cupra Leon Sportstourer plug-in hybrid. We were obviously surprised that the topic of electric cars found such broad acceptance among the many visitors to Tuning World Bodensee. As soon as the charging infrastructure in Germany improves and the battery capacity enables more range, the entire technology will become even more interesting for us as a chassis spring manufacturer. It felt like there were a lot of visitors to the fair. Our conversations with the fair public were very good, and it was apparent that the exhibition visitors were highly interested in our products. We expect to be back again next year. In terms of its location and halls, Tuning World Bodensee is one of the best fairs in Germany, making it a key event on our trade show calendar.”

Gabriel Gubernath, Performance Workshop Manager, LCE Performance GmbH:

“We were quite pleased with the volume of visitors on all days of the fair. There was always a lot going on at our booth, and we really couldn’t complain. Since we’ve previously participated in several trade fairs and also presented our classic Quattros at the Klassikwelt exhibition, for example, people are well aware of who we are. Here at Tuning World Bodensee, it was possible to see how truly excited people are to finally experience our cars live and in person after having seen them in our YouTube videos. It’s also easier for many people to talk to us directly at the booth than in the YouTube comment section, and we’re particularly pleased that so many people were inspired to make a special trip to the trade fair just to come to our booth. On Friday, we were even visited by customers from Hungary who wanted to get a closer look at our Audi R8 Bi-Turbo. For us, it was definitely worthwhile to be present here on-site.”

Sven Schulz, organizer of the European Tuning Showdown (ETS) and Style Mile:

“For me, Tuning World Bodensee has been the kick-off of the tuning season for more than 20 years, and this year’s edition simply leaves me speechless. The creativity, as well as the quality and number of vehicles exhibited here at the European Tuning Showdown, on the Style Mile, in the Private Car Area, and in the Club Area, is unparalleled. Some 1,600 participants from 14 countries made it clear that tuning is a pastime characterized by unlimited creativity and that our fan community is very much alive and well. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Tuning World Bodensee, and I can’t wait to see what our automotive artists will be presenting in the exhibition halls at the next event.”

Judith Hafertepe, Toyo Tires marketing:  

“The fair was really well attended, and our visitor count expectations were significantly exceeded already by Saturday. There was so much going on that we can confidently say that we will be back again next year. We also liked our booth location a lot. We had a large number of interested people stop by, and there were also many visitors from Austria and Switzerland here. We really like that because the trade fairs in northern Germany don’t provide us with this opportunity. It’s great that we are able to reach this audience here. Trade shows are generally worthwhile because they give you a chance to connect with customers.”

Christian Beckel, Managing Director of SCC-Fahrzeugtechnik:  

“Thursday got off to a really good start, both in terms of attendance and visitor quality. These factors definitely changed for the better compared to the last few years. We had very nice people as well as very nice conversations at our booth, and we also have high hopes for the weekend. On the whole, we can say that we are satisfied. We come to Friedrichshafen every year, but this is the first time we exhibited indoors. We otherwise always had our trade fair trailer in the outdoor area. Friedrichshafen is a cool location, and we more or less consider it to be a place where we have the home-field advantage. We’re from near Nuremberg, which is three hours away, so that compares favorably to the other automotive shows.”

Michael Stutz, Managing Director of Streetec GmbH:

“This is the first time we’ve been back in three years, and it’s fair to say that it went well. My bottom line for the event is thoroughly positive. We were also satisfied with the hall layout and booth placement. Something that caught our attention was how good the dealers were this year, with noticeable improvement in the exhibitor quality. We were very satisfied with the high number of visitors on the public holiday, and it was great to have so many Swiss and Austrians also come to the fair here on Lake Constance on the weekend. I think we’ll be returning next year.”

Sascha Wolfram (owner), TVW Car Design:

“Tuning World Bodensee is a very successful, entrepreneurially attractive venue for us. And this year we again had customer contacts that were very positive in terms of both quantity and quality: The favorable location in the border triangle region of Germany/Austria/Switzerland particularly and quite obviously results in a wealthy fair public with correspondingly high purchasing power. We will definitely be back again next year.”

Marc Rath, Head of Marketing at 7MOD:

“Every day we had a lot of interested visitors and a lot of foot traffic at our booth. The booth location was also great. We’re very pleased with how the fair went for us, and we will definitely be back again next year.”


Additional information is available at www.tuningworldbodensee.de, www.facebook.com/tuningworldbodensee, and www.instagram.com/tuningworld_bodensee, #tuningworldbodensee.



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