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Decision in the battle for the 17th Miss Tuning: Vanessa Knauf will be the new face of the Tuning Industry

The winner has been crowned: Vanessa Knauf will be Miss Tuning 2019

May 05, 2019 | Friedrichshafen – The twelve Miss Tuning finalists went full throttle in numerous challenges over the past three day. But only one of them can take home the crown: 23-year-old Vanessa Knauf from Darmstadt. Laura Fietzek, the reigning queen of car tuning, has crowned her successor at the 17th finale of Tuning World Bodensee 2019. The winner now has a year ahead of her in the tuning industry spotlight, including photo shootings, VIP events, the Miss Tuning Calendar 2020 and autograph sessions. During her reign, she will be accompanied by a loyal companion, the Nissan Micra that was tuned live at the fair.

Knauf, who is completing a dual program combining a degree in fitness economics with practical training, can hardly believe her luck: “This is totally crazy! I never thought I’d win. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the calendar shoot and the upcoming gigs I'll have.” In her spare time, Vanessa – whose once drove a pink VW Beetle – enjoys sports, meeting up with friends and going shopping.


Anyone who thinks that this victory will stop the photographers is mistaken. Rather, the prize is just the starting signal for an exciting year ahead: Over the next twelve months Vanessa Knauf will remain in the spotlight, representing the tuning industry at various trade fairs and events throughout Europe. In addition to the calendar shoot with star and Playboy photographer Andreas Reiter, she will be part of the advertising campaign for the next international trade fair event for car tuning, lifestyle and the club scene: spotlights, autograph sessions and beautiful cars are guaranteed.


With her on the podium are 24-year-old Nathalie Dürbeck from Kronberg in second place, and Melissa Kern, 21, from Emmendingen in third place. These two beautiful runners up will not leave the fairgrounds empty-handed; they've won prize money for their next shopping spree.


More information is available at www.tuningworldbodensee.de, www.facebook.com/tuningworldbodensee, www.instagram.com/tuningworld_bodensee and #tuningworldbodensee.


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