Around the world: Tuning World Bodensee transforms into a sensory adventure

Drift Championship on the exhibition grounds– New US and new Asia Hall – Show Ground and Motorsport Experience – Experience summer in the Club Area – Plus: Style Mile and European Tuning Showdown

“Seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and touching” is the response of Messe Friedrichshafen Managing Director Klaus Wellmann and Project Manager Emanuela Botta to the question of what makes Tuning World Bodensee (May 9 to 12) so special this year. “Visitors can look forward to an expansive indoor and outdoor festival that they can experience with all their senses. With our event, we strive to provide an opportunity for the audience to escape into another world and break free from daily routines.” In addition to the popular European Tuning Showdown (ETS), a new US hall and a new Asia hall will attract visitors, a top-notch show program will be featured, and the Club Area will promise nothing but great beach vibes. The fun also won’t stop when the day program ends, as there will be spectacular after-show parties to keep the party going on into the evening. Another highlight this year will be the Drift Championship, which will be held on the exhibition grounds and televised for the first time on Sport 1. “With so much on offer, I don’t know what to mention first and where to stop,” says Emanuela Botta, expressing her anticipation for this year’s event. “One thing is for sure: it’s going to be big.”

Tuning World Bodensee will kick off with fresh key visuals, a fully booked venue, a wide-ranging supporting program, and an amazing party lineup. Despite the many changes, the international trade fair event for car tuning, lifestyle, and the club scene is remaining true to its brand essence: the love of exceptional automobiles.

The Club Area is being transformed into a beach, and battles will be fought in the Private Car Area.

Since the very beginning, private vehicle tuners have been part of the event’s DNA and have helped to make it great. The Club Area is the center of community activity, the place where people meet up for a grand get-together. “What sets the clubs apart is their passion for tuning and their unique booth constructions,” says Emanuela Botta. “The Club Area will be highlighted this year with the theme of ‘Beach,’ and the best-looking booth will be chosen.” Demand for spots in the Private Car Area also remains high. “A large number of spaces have already been reserved,” reports the Project Manager. Interested parties have until March 15 to apply for a parking spot, which gives them the opportunity to showcase their car at the trade fair in Hall A5 – and potentially win an unforgettable trip. The editorial team of Tuning and VW Speed magazines will determine which participants are eligible to participate in the event. You can find more information at In cooperation with Open Beatz, there will also be a DJ contest in the Private Car Area in 2024.

After-show parties on Friday and Saturday

DJs will have the run of the house on Saturday evening: The organizers of southern Germany’s largest open-air festival for electronic music will see to it that Hall A2 is transformed into a huge dance floor on May 11th, with the “Ride & Rave Open Beatz x TWB After-Show Party” featuring performances by renowned DJs from the music scene. Le Shuuk and STVW are among the DJs who will be providing the right sound on the turntables. 90s fans will get what they came for at “Sunshine Live – Back to the 90s Party” on Friday, May 10. The headliner here will be “Hey Yo” Captain Jack.

The crème de la crème of the scene comes together at the ETS and the Style Mile

When the top 48 show cars arrive at the arena to the sound of hot beats in order to compete for the crown in Europe’s most prestigious Show & Shine competition, the time for the European Tuning Showdown (ETS) has come. As would be expected, the competition will showcase a very wide range of vehicles, including motorsport-inspired wide-body cars, stylish and modern classics, and the latest cars with a trendy stance look. “There will be a greater variety than ever before,” says ETS organizer Sven Schulz. This year’s line-up already has cars from more than twelve countries. The range of manufacturers includes vehicles from Europe, the United States, and Japan, as well as rare and exotic models. “We are always amazed by the meticulous attention to detail in the transformation of cars into truly one-of-a-kind vehicles. Every vehicle is unique, and there are so many different styles. I’m already looking forward to the moment when the hand-picked and lovingly converted show cars are presented to the jury and the enthusiastic audience,” says Sven Schulz, expressing his anticipation for this year’s event. In 2023, Knud Tiroch of Austria secured first place with his spectacular 1951 Mercury Coupé.

Wherever the ETS is, the exclusive cars of the Style Mile cannot be far away. 2024 will bring together well over 400 fantastic exhibit vehicles that reflect the latest trends and styles in the international tuning scene. “Fitment and stance are the current buzzwords of the Style Mile,” Sven Schulz explains. “We focus on achieving a seamless integration of the chassis and wheel/tire combination to create perfect harmony between the vehicle body and the wheel rims.” Alongside a wide array of vehicles spanning various eras and styles, brands like Camber, Pipifein, Wyld, Stahlwerkz, LowMadness, and LB Garage will invite visitors to talk shop at their booths and will have fashionable scene clothing and tuning accessories on offer. Almost all the popular crews, such as Deep Dynasty, Custom Junkys, Lownatics, Blechliebe, and Illusion Gang – to name but a few – will also be represented on the Style Mile.

Motorsport Experience: Performance counts here

The motorsport area will also be back at this year’s event and will be expanded even further in Hall A3. The Motorsport Experience is all about performance tuning, with the look of the cars playing a rather subordinate role here. From complete conversions for the race track to vehicle optimization for driving on public roads, everything that makes the hearts of tuning enthusiasts beat faster will be able to be found here.

Drift Championship at the fairgrounds and on television

This year’s drift show promises to feature plenty of speed and thrilling action. With the start of the third season of the AvD Drift Championship, the adrenaline rush is heading straight to Friedrichshafen. For the first time in drift sport and in the history of Tuning World Bodensee, the events will be broadcast on television. The 45-minute recap of the competition will air on Sport 1 at 5 pm on May 19. In recent years, drifting has been attracting growing interest from an increasingly diverse international audience. According to Martin Montag, the organizer of the AvD Drift Championship and a participant in drifting since 2007, “The ‘next generation’ is more into action sports than traditional formats. Drifting is the fastest-growing motorsport discipline in the world.” Spectators can look forward to thrilling duels, spectacular drifting, and plenty of adrenaline. Those who are interested can experience the challenging course in person by reserving one of the limited spots in a drift taxi. Further information on the competition can be found on the Drift Championship website:

International flair in the US and Asia halls

In 2024, the catchphrase in Friedrichshafen will be Born in the USA. We are bringing the American way of life to Lake Constance. There are many American treasures to appreciate in Hall B3, from the Ford Mustang to the Dodge Challenger. “It will feature a vibrant mix of exhibitors, American cars, and shows,” promises Emanuela Botta – all in accordance with the spirit of seeing, feeling, and touching. Live acts will perform at a western bar, and guests will have the opportunity to show off their talent on the back of a mechanical bucking bronc at the rodeo riding exhibit. Elaborately converted vehicles from the Far East will be lined up side-by-side in the Asia hall. Anyone with an impressive Japanese import in their garage is welcome to apply for an opportunity to show off their vehicle to a larger audience. The deadline for entries is April 12. Photos and information about the vehicle can be sent to marco(at)

VDAT: Register now for the joint booth

Companies interested in participating in Tuning World Bodensee but not planning to have their own booth can take advantage of the opportunity to present at the VDAT joint stand in Hall B1, organized by the German Association of Automotive Tuners (VDAT). Anyone who is interested can contact the association by e-mail. You will need to register by March 15, 2024. The exhibitors in the B halls also offer everything you need for car tuning, from rims and body kits to fashion and wraps.

Show Ground: Letting cars dance and prance

The evening after-show parties will be held in Hall A2, while exciting program events are scheduled during the day. For example, the Lowrider Masters will be presenting their cars’ dancing abilities in front of an audience three times daily. European hydraulic artists guarantee an impressive show with powerful beats. The Carwalk is an exclusive, whimsical, and one-of-a-kind event in Germany. “The cars are not beautiful or powerful, but they are steeped in history,” explains the Project Manager. The vehicles cruise down the red carpet, choreographed with beats, lighting effects, and floor fog. It’s a captivating show featuring supermodels and is sure to give you goosebumps. As if that wasn’t enough, walking acts and a kiss cam will provide a variety of entertainment, while a DJ will ensure the right sound. The motocross action continues in Outdoor Area East. The riders are set to perform spectacular bike jumps that will leave spectators breathless.

Further information I Opening hours and prices

Tuning World Bodensee will take place on the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen from Thursday, May 9, to Sunday, May 12, 2024. It is advisable to purchase your ticket online: The day ticket costs €17 when purchased in advance online, with discounted day tickets available for €14.