It´s a wrap

MISS TUNING Calendar photo shoot in Austria a
stunning success – 13 images of Vanessa

Majestic Alpine panoramas, magnificent locations and plenty of automotive masterpieces were all put in just the right light as the backdrop for this year's calendar shoot featuring this year’s Miss Tuning, Vanessa Knauf. Playboy star photographer Andreas Reiter photographed the 23-year-old fitness economics student in Austria from July 17th to 31st. “It was a really wonderful experience. The scenic backgrounds for the shoot were a like a dream and the teamwork was just impeccable,” raved the First Lady of Tuning World Bodensee. The limited-edition calendar will be available beginning on October 10, 2019.

Along with the honor of being the title bearer and ambassador of the tuning scene, the annual photo shoot is one of the special highlights of being named Miss Tuning. Vying for attention were 13 awesomely tuned auto bodies – from a dark green Audi R8 to a Mustang to an amazing Jeep. All of them beamed in the summer sunshine with Vanessa Knauf, while Andreas Reiter deftly captured their magnificence in the breathtaking Alpine setting

Accompanied by the extraordinary automotive beauties, the Queen of Tuning found herself placed before a diverse variety of stunning scenery found only in Austria – from Lake Neusiedl to the mountainous Tyrol to the picturesque provincial capital of Linz. Inspired by Tuning World Bodensee’s trend-setting Style Mile, the calendar images also offer fans the chance to enjoy extraordinary rims and unique bodies, predominantly from German manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW and Porsche.

From October 10, 2019, you can order the limited-edition glossy calendar on the homepage of the TUNING WORLD BODENSEE website.